Sunday, March 15, 2009

here's to everything, coming down to nothing!

uuggh i'm really fed up today. well, actually since yesterday because my most irresponsible friends who happens to be in one of my conversation group did NOT show up yesterday for drama rehearsals! only me and my friend Cica were in yesterday. the ones who frakin' didn't were boys, three to be precised. honestly, i feel so disrespected. after all i've done for them. i was the one who created+typed+printed and hand it it in to my teacher. they barely even knew what the drama was about! at first, i forgave them with a condition that they should NOT be late for the reherseal. but what do they did? the opposite of course! i've already text the like 10 times to come, one of them said "insya Allah ya za, klo gw g kesiangan hehe". boro-boro kesiangan, dtg aja nggak!!!!!
anyway apart from all the tension, i have to figure out a way to get them back! also i've to figure out what song i'm gonna sing tomorrow for English Conversation about expressing loveee (yuck lol)


Friday, February 13, 2009

ends with a new begining

helloooo this is my first blog well, post actually :P kinda lame huh? but i've been seeing these blogs and it looked like people are really enjoying it soo i wanted to try for it myself lol. anyway, my name is ariza vania sugiharso. friends call me ariza or icha (short version of iza or something from my junior high friends) but my family call me vania. i am currently an 11th grade student in SMAN 53 Jakarta and i live in Jakarta, Indonesia obviously:)

i'll be writing my blog in Bahasa and English.
some of you are maybe asking about the title of my post. well, since today is my last day of exam and with that i begin with my first blog haha..
anyway here my story goes...